In U.S. culture, talking about our appearance is something of a taboo. The topics of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, being so closely tied to nationwide concepts of beauty, are perhaps even more difficult to talk about. Perhaps this is why misinformation about plastic surgery remains abundant.

The decision to change the way you look through medical treatment can be difficult to make. Listening to false information can make the decision even more confusing. Get the facts about plastic and cosmetic surgery, and don’t believe the following four myths:

Myth #1: Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are the same thing

Though both types of surgery can change the way you look, cosmetic and plastic surgery refer to two different practices. Cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing patient appearance to meet their desires, and is entirely elective. Plastic surgery is similar, but focuses more on changing the body to restore normal function and appearance. Plastic surgery often addresses birth defects or burns, for example, while cosmetic surgery might focus on rhinoplasty for aesthetic purposes.

Myth #2: Only women get plastic surgery

Though women have been the biggest market for plastic and cosmetic surgery in the past, research has found that men are seeking face and body procedures in increasing numbers. Men seem to be specifically interested in non-surgical procedures, such as Botox, hair restoration, microdermabrasion, and liposuction.

Myth #3: Plastic surgery is only for the famous and the vain

Stereotypes of all kinds can be harmful, and this includes stereotypes about those who seek out plastic surgery. Contrary to popular belief, plastic surgery can help individuals restore their self-confidence and even help their career.

Though sometimes associated with celebrity culture, most plastic surgery patients are regular individuals who want to feel more comfortable with their appearance. In fact, 246,354 liposuction procedures were performed in 2017 alone, the sheer number of which makes it impossible for celebrities to be the sole patients of liposuction.

Myth #4: Plastic surgery looks unnatural

While plastic surgery does change the way you look, a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon can ensure natural results. After all, the purpose of cosmetic surgery is for patients to feel more beautiful and attractive, and unnatural or unpleasant results would soon leave a surgeon jobless.

Don’t believe these false and harmful myths about plastic and cosmetic surgery. Though cosmetic surgery can be something of a taboo topic, these positive procedures help thousands of people feel more confident in their bodies every year.