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Great experience

5 5 Star Rating - Written on May 11, 2017

I had pretty assymetric eyelids and was looking to mainly even them out. Dr Ho went above and beyond my expectations and I love my result. She has a very reassuring demeanor and I highly recommend her


Wonderful Surgeon! Very Satisfied

5 5 Star Rating - Written on December 1, 2016

Jane As the Wave Plastic Surgery Consult, she made sure to be present to check in with me during every transition of my process including both pre op consultations, the day of surgery, and my last day in LA. She went over all the legalities, what to expect for treatment and care, and upfront with the pricing breakdown. She provided her contact info if I had any questions at any point through the process. She was great! Dr.Ho Taghva Having a complicated health history, I the better part of a year searching for a plastic surgeon that I could trust. I researched on doctors who not only had an artistic eye, but who would also take the time to monitor my health throughout the process – Dr. Ho Taghva was that doctor. As an out of town patient, she was very thorough and concise during both my consultations (one via Skype and another in-person the day before surgery); it was blatantly obvious she had done the procedure numerous times and had lots of experience. I trusted her judgment without hesitation. Both Dr.Ho Taghva and Jane notified me on what to expect in the following weeks post op and included a packet with a write up of all the information pertaining to the procedure. They made it clear not to hesitate to contact them if I had any further questions during my recuperation time, which I greatly appreciated. The day of surgery, Dr.Ho Taghva took the time to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed all throughout the process – I felt nothing other than a subtle tug once around my eyelid. My post ops went smoothly, wherein Dr. Ho Taghva inspected my eyes and notified me of any expected symptoms during the healing process. I made sure to follow the post op instructions to a T. The last day in LA I had my stitches removed and Dr.Ho made sure to explain in detail the steps for proper care, instructing me on post op treatments (Kenalog shots + massage). She even provided me with her email for a 1, 2, and 3 month follow up for photos, questions, and updates; which I truly appreciated. My eyes have healed just as Dr.Ho said they would. A couple of months post op, they look wonderful!


Double eyelid surgery-Great doctor, great experience

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 9, 2016

Before going to Dr. Ho, I had double eyelid surgery from another doctor a year ago. I was very unhappy with the results because it was not much of a difference from my original eyes. I came across Dr. Ho on YouTube from a blogger that recorded her double eyelid journey with Wave Plastic Surgery. Her results were AMAZING so I booked a consultation soon after. Dr. Ho is very sweet and was very thorough as to what the outcome of my eyes will potentially look like. I felt very comfortable with her throughout my entire process and had no problems. It’s been 5 months since my eyelid surgery and I could not be any happier with the results! Since it was my second surgery, I was afraid I would run into some complications or just end up looking worse. That was not the case at all and I’m SO thankful for Dr. Ho. I get compliments all the time from family and friends saying how natural my eyes look. It’s only been a few months so I can only imagine how much better they will look at one year! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ho she is amazing at what she does and she makes you feel at ease. I really wish I had known about her my first time getting eyelid surgery!


Asian Eyelid Surgery – Los Angeles, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 8, 2016

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Goretti Ho! She’s made me feel comfortable with from the very beginning and I trust her completely. She’s been very competent from the start and I’m more than happy with the results. I’ve been wanting this double eyelid surgery for years but was afraid to do it. I didn’t want to have big sausage looking eyelids like I see some of the older techniques produce in some people I saw. Fortunately, Dr. Ho assured me that her technique is different and sure enough her surgery have me exactly what I wanted– natural looking larger lids that I can actually put makeup on and is visible. No more droopy lids that make me look like I’m glaring or am tired! Couldn’t be happier with the results. She did an amazing job and is so nice and caring! What more can you ask for when picking out a surgeon? 🙂 I’m extremely satisfied with my results!!


Yes It is Worth the Money -Los Angeles, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on August 23, 2016

So this is my first time ever thinking about getting my eyes done and it was worth it. Dr. Ho was really nice and she did her best. The surgery didn’t hurt at all and it went by really quickly. The recovery wasn’t that bad it took me about 3 weeks to look normal ish and it’s still in the healing process but it looks great so far. The staff there was really nice as well so if you’re thinking about getting you eyelids done then this is definitely the place to do it.


Asian Eyelid Surgery – Los Angeles, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on August 17, 2016

I recently had Asian Eyelid Surgery done by Dr. Ho. I must say that I am very pleased with the result and my overall experience with Dr. Ho was a positive one. Dr. Ho listened carefully to my concerns and what I wanted to achieve as a result of the surgery. I shared with Dr. Ho that I wanted a small, natural-looking crease without altering the overall appearance or changing the shape of my eyes. Dr. Ho recommended Micro Upper Bleph for me and I am very satisfied with the result. Surgery was about a little over 30 minutes and recovery was rather quick. Dr. Ho is a skilled surgeon and her calm demeanor makes it very comfortable and easy for patients to talk to her. I recommend Dr. Ho without any hesitation!


Full Incisional Asian Eyelid Surgery + Epicanthoplasty – Los Angeles, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on August 9, 2016

After years of deliberation, I decided to finally bite the bullet and undergo Asian eyelid surgery. I wanted to open up my eyes more, while not altering my appearance drastically. I placed my faith in strangers on the internet, and contacted Dr. Ho because of her many positive reviews. Fortunately, Dr. Ho and the internet did not disappoint. From the consultation to the post-op follow-up visits, Dr. Ho has been awesome. She listened to my concerns and gave me meticulously crafted natural creases, taking into consideration my facial layout. Furthermore, her calm yet confident demeanor and her honesty assuaged my anxiety about the procedure. I’m very pleased with this whole experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ho and her staff at Wave.


hey there lashline!

5 5 Star Rating - Written on June 2, 2016

Dr Ho is an incredibly patient and understanding doctor. During the consultation I didn’t get to spend as long with her as opposed to consultations elsewhere but there was a confidence (not arrogance – rare!) that made me decide to book on the spot. I’m still early post op but really love all the follow up attention – crucial for anything involving the face!


25 Year Old Needing a Change. Los Angeles, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on April 14, 2016

Dr. Ho is such an amazing doctor and I was so fortunate to have her. From the moment you meet her it’s clear that Dr. Ho knows exactly what she’s doing. She has such a great eye and her aesthetic is spot on. She understood me from our first consultation and from that point on I felt like I could trust her. I wanted a noticeable change in my appearance but was still looking to maintain a natural look and Dr. Ho delivered. We were both on the same page when it came to the size of my fold and the result ended up being beautiful. The surgery itself went so smoothly. I recall being nervous on the day of but Dr. Ho put me at ease and the whole thing was over before I even knew it. I’m so happy with my eyes now. I feel like they show who I’ve always been. My eyes have opened up the rest of my face and I feel so much more confident. It’s exactly what I wanted. After the surgery people were telling me “Hey, I forgot how pretty you were” without knowing I had anything done. I am so grateful to Dr. Ho and would recommend her to anymore looking to have eyelid surgery and would even come to her for any other procedures that I would consider having.


Full-Incisional Parallel Eyelid Surgery. Los Angeles, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on April 13, 2016

I initially chose Dr. Ho because of all her positive reviews that I came across while doing my research. Also, because I believe that being a woman herself, Dr. Ho will better understand what it is that I want. I knew I was in good hands upon my first meeting with her. I felt that she really understood what I was looking for and genuinely gave me her honest opinions. I felt safe, so much that I wasn’t nervous at all going to the surgery room. The procedure went fast and easy with her skills. It took about 30 minutes, I think. The cuts were very precise and clean, while the stitches were done very neatly. My swelling and bruising were very minimal and I credit these to the skillful hands of Dr. Ho. I can now understand all the raving reviews that she has. I’m very happy with my eyes right now, and I would like to thank Dr. Ho for that. I highly recommend Dr. Ho for anyone looking to have their eyelid surgery done.


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