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66 Years Old, Still Working Full Time – Los Angeles, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on May 30, 2016

Dr. Ho was attentive, she listened patiently with compassion to my concerns and what I hope to achieve with the procedure . She is an artist with great aesthetic sense. She examined my face in great detail and recommended a brow lift procedure to lift my sagging eye lid which will make me look more alert and awake, I asked if I should also have a lower eye lid surgery she told me that it will not improve my look because my eye was not baggy. Dr. Ho then explained in great detail about the procedure of face and neck lift and answered all my questions. Because I had a round place with a flat chin , Dr. Ho recommended that I have my chin slightly augmented, to balance the contour of my face after the neck and lower face skin are pulled back and tighten. I felt that Dr. Ho was very honest and have my interest and well being in mind. When I told my husband about getting the surgery done by a relatively young surgeon, he insisted that I get a second and third opinion. I went for a second opinion from a plastic surgeon who in addition to the brow, face and neck lift, recommended the lower eye lid surgery. I decided to go with Dr. Ho who I felt comfortable with, had endoscopic brow lift, lower mid face and neck lift with chin augmentation on 4/4/16 I was very happy with the result , I had very little pain, I took only two doses of Advil during the entire postoperative course. I returned to work two and half week after the surgery. Among those who made comments- friends, family and coworkers, the sales person at the Clinique Counter whom I have purchased my skin care product from for 15 years all said that I looked younger and natural, the surgeon did a good job. It has been almost two months after I had the procedures, everyday I noticed progress and improvement with my appearance, even though I still have small amount of swelling around the incision. I am glad that I had the procedures done by Dr. Ho .


53 Years Old,asian, Droopy Midface,hollow Eyes. Los Angeles, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on March 17, 2016

She is kind and explain the procedure in detail.


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