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So happy with my new boobs!

5 5 Star Rating - Written on February 22, 2018

Dr. Ho Taghva was really nice at the consultation and made sure that I wasn’t going to go too big to look unnatural or have discomfort later on. She also took the time to explain a lot of extra things about breast implants that other doctors hadn’t told me. She gave valuable insight from her perspective as a woman, which I also hadn’t gotten and wouldn’t have gotten from male doctors. I knew right after our meeting that I would want to have her perform my surgery. Afterwards, her assistant Carolyn constantly kept in touch with me and was extremely kind and helpful. On the surgery date, Dr. Ho Taghva made me f eel less nervous and was clear on what she’d be doing during the procedure. I had 300/325CC Mentor implants inserted through the armpit. It’s only been 5 weeks since, and I am already so happy with my results! I went from a Victoria Secret 32B to 32DD and it looks very natural. My biggest fear was ending up with implants too high and obvious, but by two weeks I could wear low cut shirts without people being able to tell. Dr. Ho Taghva made the incisions very small and along my already existent armpit lines, so the scars are unnoticeable and just blend in with my armpit. Overall, Dr. Ho Taghva is an extremely skilled surgeon that I recommend to everyone. She and her staff are also very kind, helpful and easy to communicate with. And as a bonus, they’re both super pretty! Go to Dr. Ho Taghva if you want excellent, natural-looking results with great service!


24 years old, 5’9 138lb, 1 kid, mentor teardrop textured “gummy bear” implants

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 27, 2017

Hi ladies! So here I am, never thought I was going to get BA until I breast feed my 1st child. My breast was small compared to my frame (broad shoulder, wide chest). I wore 32C VS Body push up before kid, it filled up but I don’t think my babies were C. After kid, they were deflated which made me totally lost my confidence although I didn’t mind about my small breast before that. So one day I decided to go ahead and searched for doctors around my area. I did my research before meeting anyone. I know I want a full C, small D, natural looking breast, with slope, not round or big and high upper pole “fake” looking. I met with Dr. Ho. She was very attentive and listen to what I want. She suggested to go with Mentor because the brand studies showed 0% in AALCL and rotation which I find kind of true after browsing through forum in Realself. To have my desired looking breast, she suggested 375cc in moderate height and moderate plus projection. The date was booked on Nov 8, less than 2 weeks to go. So exited and can’t wait to upgrade my babies!


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