Let the photos speak for themselves, Dr. Goretti is the go-to surgeon for Asian double eyelid surgery in the US! Since I was flying in from out-of-state, I knew I wanted someone who delivered not only great but also CONSISTENT results – given Dr. Goretti’s glowing YouTube testimonials, perfect 5-star rating for her Asian eyelid surgery practice, and amazing before & afters, I knew to choose her. ****CONSULTATION**** Since I was out-of-state, I consulted with Dr. Goretti twice over FaceTime. During the 1st, I told her the look was going for. As a guy, I asked for a natural crease with only a small eyelid margin showing. Dr. Goretti suggested a 6mm (“low”) incisional crease for me, as well as a separate but simultaneous procedure called ptosis correction. I didn’t know much about ptosis correction and was skeptical of it at first, but Dr. Goretti took ample time to draw out a diagram to explain it during my second consultation (from my understanding, standard Asian eyelid surgery is only crease formation, whereas ptosis correction actually opens the eyes larger by strengthening the levator muscle connection). I never felt rushed, and Dr. Goretti explained everything with such confidence and clarity that I knew I could trust her. Her assistant Carolyn was also super friendly and responsive in arranging the logistics of the operation. ****THE OPERATION**** A few days before, I filled my prescriptions for the Neomycin ointment and Valium, as well as buying 3000 GDU Bromelain and 30C Arnica Montana supplements, which would help with swelling and bruising respectively. I was super nervous the day-of, but Dr. Goretti gave one last consultation to take pictures, finalize the look, and address any questions I had. After that, Carolyn escorted me to the surgical building next door. Once there, Dr. Goretti was with me the whole time – she told me to take 4 of the prescribed Valium as sedatives, and marked up measurements while I was on the table. Then, it was a blur – I was aware of everything going on, but I just didn’t really think much of anything. The procedure was mostly painless aside from the anesthetic injection, just a bit of light tugging on my eyelids. She also told me to open my eyes at various times to guarantee symmetry. ***POST-OP*** Since I was alone, Dr. Goretti’s office has a post-op care lady who checked me out following the operation and drive me home (I didn’t need post-op care since it’s a minor procedure, but the law says that someone has to check you out). I honestly felt really energized immediately post-op, but I forced myself to stay in bed, watch movies, and diligently ice my eyes. I think the icing really helped keep my swelling down and the pain away – Day 3 is supposedly the worst for swelling, but my swelling didn’t even increase at all from how it was immediately post-op, and I didn’t even use the Tylenol I bought. At around 6pm the night of the operation, Dr. Goretti was so kind to call me to check-in on how I was doing, which really shows how much she cares for her patients. ***RECOVERY*** I was told to ice my eyes for the first week, apply the Neomycin ointment 3 times a day, take my supplements and avoid salty foods. Now, I iced my eyes very diligently for the first two days, but I admittedly got bored of staying in my room all day very fast. By the second day, I was already walking around Newport Beach quite a bit with my shades on, and by the fourth day I couldn’t resist salty foods anymore, including *multiple* In-N-Out burgers… oops :-). I met Dr. Goretti 1 week post-op to remove the stitches, and she remarked that I healed very fast (which was surprising given my laziness in aftercare, haha). Stitch removal was honestly the most painful part of everything – it stung quite a bit near the inner corners, but nothing I couldn’t handle. After that, I was on my way, and as soon as 8 days post-op I felt comfortable enough walking around without even wearing any frames! Bruising was completely gone within two weeks. ***NOW – 1 MONTH POST*** Incisions have healed smoothly – I just wash with cleanser and apply Aquaphor after. Swelling is nearly completely gone in my right eye but still slightly present in my left (which is weird, since my right was more swollen immediately post-op). There’s more swelling in the mornings, but seems entirely dissipated by afternoon/night. I can still “feel” the creases a little bit when I open my eyes, but there’s no discomfort at all and I’ve gotten pretty used to it. Looking back, I think I healed unexpectedly quickly. I looked natural and felt super comfortable with friends and family as soon as 9 days post-op despite my laziness in aftercare :’), but it could be because I’m a young, fairly in-shape guy with a super fast metabolism. I wish I wasn’t so nervous about the recovery process before! They continue to look more natural every week. Dr. Goretti gave me exactly the look I asked for, and now my eyes look brighter and more awake while still remaining very natural and Asian. The recovery process was a breeze, and her office and surgical staff exceeded my expectations in responsiveness and friendliness – her assistant Carolyn even offered to drive me to my car rental after stitch removal! Anyway, Dr. Goretti is an extremely gifted surgeon with an amazing eye for Asian aesthetics, especially for Asian eyelid surgery. She genuinely cares for her patients and will not leave the room until every single one of your concerns are thoroughly addressed. I know she’s launching her solo practice soon, so I wish her all the success because she deserves it! My experience could not have been better, and I couldn’t recommend her more to anyone seeking Asian blepharoplasty.