I’ve had asymmetric eyelids for as long as I could remember (see picture). One eye was a tapered crease while the other was a parallel crease. Though not many people noticed this minor detail with make up on, it really made me self-conscious. This surgery was primarily for ME, to appease the perfectionist that I am. After intensive research searching for plastic surgeons in California, New York and Korea, I picked Dr. Taghva due to her positive reviews, fair prices, knowledge and personable demeanor. I felt like she was someone I could trust.

Day of the procedure, Dr. Taghva explained to me that it is impossible to reach perfect symmetry due to that natural nature of our anatomy. She also reminded me not to freak out during the healing process because during this time, our eyes may look asymmetric due to bruising and swelling. She was real and did not want me to have unrealistic expectations. I think she prepared me for the worst and I really appreciated that. In all reality though, I healed crazy fast following all her pre and post op directions. Arnica pills a couple days before the procedure definitely helped. I was even able to make it in time to a wedding 10 days post-op! No one but myself and those I’ve specifically told seem to notice any change which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you Dr. Taghva for such a natural result!