I got my breast augmentation done by one of my favoritest, bestest, sweetest, realest, person in the world! Dr. Goretti Ho. It’s been a little less than 2 months since I’ve got my augmentation done. Specifically ENDOSCOPIC BREAST AUG via AXILA (armpits). She hid the scars really well with minimal incision (cut) and the scars are slowly but surely healing well!

I was contemplating on which area the I preferred the implants to go in through, the IMF (inframammary fold aka fold underneath the breast), AXILLA (armpit fold), or AREOLAR (around the outer pink layer of the nipples) and Dr. Ho recommended me to go through the armpit. I am so happy with my breasts. Clothes fit better, my body shape is more proportioned, and most importantly, I dont need a bra anymore! No more straps falling off shoulders, no more bra rising up mid-boob, and no. more. padding. (well maybe sometimes)