I stumbled upon Dr Goretti’s realself profile while researching double eyelid surgery online. I’ve wanted double eyelids since I was a teenager and always thought that I needed to travel to Korea if I wanted it done by the best. It wasn’t until I found Dr Goretti’s and met her in person that I realized I could have the surgery done in North America with a just as skilled, qualified, and experienced surgeon as ones in Korea (if not better!).

I had my consultation with Dr Goretti in March after having read her raving reviews on realself and let me tell you, even though I had incredibly high expectations of her going in, she somehow managed to surpass them and was even better in person! She was honest, genuine, knowledgable, professional, and made me feel incredibly at ease. I had originally wanted the suture technique but she calmly explained to me the pros and cons of both suture and incisional method, and I finally decided on the full incisional method upon her recommendation.

Looking back now after I had my surgery (it’s been exactly a month), I couldn’t be happier with her recommendation and the results. I traveled to LA from Toronto to have the surgery in July, and the experience was just as good as the consultation — professional, laid-back, quick and painless. Dr Goretti has a keen eye for aesthetics and she even corrected my uneven eyebrows through the surgery — something I had never even mentioned to her, but she noticed anyway and it wasn’t until a few days after my surgery that I noticed my eyes overall looked so much better because she had helped me correct my uneven eyebrows while performing the eyelid surgery.

Dr Goretti went above and beyond my expectations in every regard, and I haven’t been able to stop raving about her to my friends and family since! She is professional, kind, knowledgable, has a lot of experience with the double eyelid surgery, and I especially liked how she took into regard the “lasting power” of my results — in that I would not only be happy with my new eyes for the next 2 – 3 years, but her technique and recommendations took into consideration my age and how my skin will change in the next 10+ years so that I don’t have to keep going back to her. (If this last part confused you as to what I mean, I recommend booking a consultation with her to see what I mean!)

Disclaimer: I’m not the type of person who writes reviews and I’ve only written maybe 5 reviews in my lifetime, but I took the time to write this one because I truly think Dr Goretti deserves it.