I was referred to Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva by one of the top plastic surgeons in Orange County. He said Dr. Taghva specializes in asian blepharoplasty. I was a little apprehensive at first, but her confident and friendly demeanor put me at ease. She performed incisional double eyelid surgery and epicanthoplasty (inner corners). Initially I wanted a male surgeon with many years of experience, but then realized they don’t have the updated techniques and training that Dr. Taghva has. I couldn’t talk to them about my struggles with eye makeup because they simply couldn’t relate.

Surgery went smoothly and I only took 1 Tylenol PM the first night. I didn’t experience any pain the following days. My eyes were pretty swollen for the first few days but that quickly diminished since I closely followed their after-care guide. Everyone recovers differently, but I didn’t bruise at all and was able to return to work about a week later. Getting my stitches removed was completely painless.

It’s been 6 weeks since my surgery and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was very worried about asymmetry. I’ve been wanting this surgery for over 15 years and so glad I finally got it done. I wore fake eyelashes everyday for many years to obtain a crease but wanted something permanent and more defined. I don’t usually write reviews, but I am so impressed with Dr. Taghva and her office staff I wanted to share my experience.