If you’re about to undergo a breast augmentation, there are many questions you may have. While your plastic surgeon is the best person to answer these questions, it’s important to do your own research before your first consultation. To help you get ready, here are a few commonly asked questions about breast augmentation, how they differ from other body procedures, and what you should know.

What’s the Difference Bewteen Periareolar or Transaxillary Incisions?

A periareolar incision goes around the edge of the areola; this tiny opening is used to insert the implant. It’s a good option because the scar blends well with the tissue and the incision can be used again if additional surgeries are desired in the future. This gives you more natural results. But while there are a few benefits of this type of incision, it’s also one that puts you at a minimally higher risk for infection. Breastfeeding may also be a problem for some patients, but not with all.

A transaxillary incision is one that’s made in the crease of the armpit. Some doctors may use an endoscope to help create a space for the implant while others just go in manually. The benefit of this incision is that there is no scar left on the breast itself. Some cons include a potential lack of control if the plastic surgeon chooses not to use a camera. There’s also a higher risk of asymmetry.

Both options can result in larger, natural looking breasts. If you have more questions about the pros and cons of each type of incision, request a consultation with a plastic surgeon near you.

What Happens if the Implant Ruptures?

While this doesn’t happen often, both silicone and saline breast implants can leak or rupture. If this happens, surgical removal of the implant and potential replacement may be suggested. When a saline implant leaks it will typically deflate pretty quickly. If a silicone implant leaks or ruptures, it may go unnoticed as the gel is contained within the fibrous tissue. Sometimes, the rupture is first noticed during an MRI or a mammogram. While a silicone rupturing is rarely a major problem, the tissue can become inflamed. Fortunately, both types of implants are designed for this possibility.

Breast augmentation was the most popular plastic surgery procedure among all body procedures in 2016, with 290,467 procedures performed. So now that you know a little more about breast augmentation, do you feel more comfortable? If you have any additional concerns, reach out to your surgical center for further education and research.

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