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Great Surgeon!

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 30, 2018

Grown up from a long line of family doctors, my intuitions knew what to look for when I was researching plastic surgeons. Dr. Taghva was the very first search result that came up and I instantly knew this was the right person that should be operating on me after my initial research. After my first procedure, I was very happy with the results and my following post-op months was painless.


Simply amazing.

5 5 Star Rating - Written on September 30, 2017

I wanted my eyelids to be much thicker and more Caucasian looking so I called up Wave Plastic Surgery in search of Dr. Taghva. Turns out she didn’t work there anymore but they recommended Dr. Kim but I said “No, sorry, I want Dr. Taghva and will search the end of the earth for her” lol. Anyway, I emailed her and turns out she’s in Newport Beach! Yay! We had a FaceTime consultation and oh my god, I honestly thought she was 17. She’s literally so stunning and so youthful. It’s hard to believe she’s over 18. Seriously. She was so charming and sweet and VERY honest and to-the-point as well as informative. We booked our date and I was overwhelmed with excitement! On the day of my surgery she walked into the room. Omg, FaceTime doesn’t do her any justice. She is so, so, so gorgeous and warm and reassuring. Seriously, she looks younger than me!! (I’m under 25). She was very realistic and honest about my expectations and I really felt comfortable and trusting towards her. The surgery itself was a breeze. Except it hurt so bad when I received injections in my eyelids


Awesome Doctor

5 5 Star Rating - Written on May 8, 2017

Dr.Ho was great! She was super nice during final consulation, during surgery and on follow ups. And most importantly, she did a great job on my eyes! Its only been a month but i already love the results! I got so much complements and many asked me the contact info for the doctor that did my eyes 🙂 Highly recommend her. I probably won’t get anything else done, but if I did I will definitely trust Dr.Ho for it.


Would definitely pick Dr. Ho again!

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 27, 2016

I had an upper blepharoplasty for sagging skin on my upper eyelids. I am 47 and feel that I’ve aged pretty well except for my eyes making me look tired — and yes, probably older as well. When I first started thinking about this procedure I looked on RealSelf to get an idea about the procedure and how people felt about the results after getting it done. I sifted through dozens of reviews and photos of the procedure. Watched plenty of youtube videos of people who had the procedure. I was ready to get it done but knew that the most important thing for me was to make sure I felt confident in the physician I chose since this was my eyes (or eyelids) that would be operated on. What caught my eye about Dr. Ho was that it appeared from all the reviews that she had quite a lot of experience doing blepharoplasties — both Asian and Caucasian patients. I wanted a doctor with experience. I also was looking for plastic surgeons who worked on the face and not specifically oculoplastics. Since my procedure was fairly straight forward, I wanted someone who would be able to view my facial features as a whole and make recommendations. When I had my consultation I met with Dr. Ho. I liked how she came off straight forward and down to earth and skilled at what she did. I also liked that she had an excellent educational background and training. At the end of the day it was the fact that she had so much experience with upper blephs and what I felt was an “eye” for how to do the procedure and make it look good and natural. Fast foward 6 weeks, and I am very happy with the results. I look refreshed and like myself only more awake and yes, probably younger as a result. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ho. I believe she is honest and ethical. You don’t have to fear that you will are going to get additional procedures you don’t need. She is good at what she does which is the most important thing. I would trust her with other procedures as well if I needed or wanted to get something done because I have confidence in her ability and intellect that she knows what she’s doing. It’s very important that you trust your doctor, and this is what I felt and thought when I met and spoke with Dr. Ho.


I love how my eyelids turned out

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 10, 2016

She’s absolutely great. She has a great attitude and is very professional. My treatment was Eyelid Surgery – specifically upper blepharoplasty. Dr. Ho ensures the whole process goes smoothly. At first, I was concerned that my eyelids were cut unevenly but after the swelling subsided, they were perfect. The inner cut began to swell and wasn’t healing evenly so she gave me a steroid injection that helped smooth it out. I love my double eyelids. You’ll be in great hands if you choose her as your surgeon.


19 Years Old, Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery on One Eye – Irvine, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 5, 2016

I’m so glad that I chose Dr. Ho for my eyelid surgery. I have struggled with having a double eyelid on one side and slight crease on the other side since I was kid. So it was something I did a lot of research on when I first decided to get surgery. I only saw great reviews about Dr. Ho on every website I went on, so I decided to have my surgery with her. When I had my first consultation with her, I told her about my friend who had incisional double eyelid surgery and that was what I wanted. She examined my eyes, informed me about the different types of eyelid surgery, and told me what I needed was non-incisional surgery for just my one eye. I loved how honest she was about it even though I first came in with thoughts of getting incisional eyelid surgery. I was really nervous going into it, but she was always so reassuring. After I was done with surgery, I was literally shocked at how even my eyelid was compared to the other one. They literally look the same and there’s no difference whatsoever. She was super nice and also very professional whenever I went to go for a checkup! She really cares about her patients and I recommend her to anyone who’s looking into double eyelid surgery. I’m super happy about the results and no one can even tell I got surgery done.


Incisional Double Eyelids Surgery

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 4, 2016

Dr Ho is awesome! Im so glad I went to her for this procedure. She’s very skillful and detail oriented. I addressed many concerns and worries to her during the consultation, she answered them all with great patience. Here im posting my post op photos at 2 weeks & 1 month. I can’t be more happy with the results. Dr Ho has done a great job creating the shape and height of crease that is most suitable for me. my eyes are still a bit swollen but it’s normal since it has only been a month and full recovery generally takes 3-6 months. I can’t wait to see how my eyes would look in another 2 months. Thank you dr Ho for making my eyes more beautiful than ever!!! I am very satisfied with the results! will be back in another 2 months with new updates.


I had an amazing experience!

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 30, 2016

Dr. Taghva is the best in the business! She gave me exactly what I asked for and exceeded my expectations with the end result. My eyes look big but still natural– I’m extraordinarily happy with the results!


Eye Lid Surgery – Irvine, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on April 7, 2016

Dr Ho is the really an awesome surgeon who really cares for her patients. I looked around and did months of research. I scheduled 4 appointments for different doctors to get different opinions and recommendations. However the moment I spoke with Dr. Ho, I knew that I found the right doctor. The knowledge and expertise comes through as you speak to her. I didn’t feel pushed and felt absolutely no pressure to do anything. Some of the other doctors just ask for a deposit and wanted to schedule surgery dates without much explanation. I did my eye lid surgery 6 months ago and been very happy with my results. All my friends and family complimented how great and well rested i look without telling them about my surgery. Dr Ho took great care of me until with very end. I will come back to her for a nose job and will update my results. I highly recommend you come in for a consultation with Dr Ho.


Eyelid Surgery. Los Angeles, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on March 1, 2016

I did eyelid surgery underwent both upper and lower blepharoplasty and lateral canthopexy. I had great experience and very quick recovery. I was pleased with the results. Dr.Ho did wonderful and professional job.


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