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I Finally Found a True Miracle Worker.

5 5 Star Rating - Written on July 14, 2018

First, let me tell you my story. I made a mistake 13 years ago, when being young and stupid, I believed a TV ad about a new procedure done by Dr. Abergel. Basically, it was under eye lipo. The procedure should be banned in my opinion, unless you have huge bags of fat, which I didn’t. Now I know that all I needed back then was to add fat, not remove it. Needless to say, as soon as the internal scaring and swelling went away, a huge hollowness appeared, and my journey to fix it began.
First, I did fillers but they didn’t cover the whole area and lasted only 3 months at most. Then I made a second mistake – I put permanent Artefil from Riviera Laser, which came out bumpy under my left eye. There are no shots that dissolve Artefil ( maybe that‘s why it’s not approved for lips and under-eye by FDA ). So I got a huge bump, which rose above my cheek and the hollowness above it start to look even deeper than before. In fact, it was so deep you could put something on it, like it was a shelf.
All these years I was looking for a solution. I visited many doctors (some of them were rated as best in OC like Dr. Gangnes from FAC), who turned me away as soon as they heard about Artefil. Some of them said that they can’t put anything that close to the eye.
Finally, while searching the internet, I found impressive before/after pics by Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva, MD done on eyelids. Some were fixing serious conditions and mistakes from other surgeons. With not much hope, I asked Dr. Taghva if she could fix my problem… and that beautiful woman simply answered “Yes”.
I couldn’t believe my ears! She performed a fat transfer and placed it exactly where it was needed; below the bump – to even my cheek, and above the bump to fill that hole that no one wanted to do before. She also suggested to fill other areas on my face for symmetry and for a more youthful appearance. As she explained, since I will already be sedated and they’re already collecting my fat, she won’t charge extra for other areas of my face.
I LOVE the result, I finally got my face back, I look 10 years younger and I believe God sent her to me.


Fat Graft to the Face, 27 Years Old – Los Angeles, CA

5 5 Star Rating - Written on May 21, 2015

I’m sorry I didn’t include pictures but I really don’t want to be spotted. This community has really inspired me and given me support through my journey. You are all so brave! Since your reviews helped me I wanted to “up vote” facial fat grafting and also give a shoutout to my doctor, Goretti Ho.

Of course some of the fat got absorbed, but my features are much more softer. One tip the doctor gave me was NOT to ice my face so as to damage the fat. My face was quite swollen so I returned to the clinic to get steroid shots to calm the inflammation.


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