I have been wanting to do the Asian eyelid surgery since I was a young girl. I had the typical one eye had a crease and the other was a monolid. I’ll discuss more on my board. I was going to go with a dr in san Jose but dr. Goretti popped up in my realself and I did a LOT of searching around with dr goretti, did a consult and booked a month later. Caroline was great and super nice. Dr goretti recommended the same thing as the San Jose doctor did, completing the surgery on BOTH my eyes vs just one so that as I heal and age, I’d still be happy with the result. The practice in newport was clean, a little small, but all the staff was so nice and personable. My surgery ran about 30 min behind but once dr goretti got in, everything went amazing. The meds helped me relax and everything went smoothly. Hubby picked me up and I went home! I had a few questions afterwards and I was able to both call and text the staff and they were quick to respond and help. Suture removal went great and now that I am one and a half months out…. I LOVE my eyes. I’ll talk more about the healing process in my board but dr taghva was everything I hoped for and she was able to exceed my expectations. I 100% recommend dr goretti with any eye surgery. She is skilled, well trained, and will listen to your wants and needs and will let you know realistic expectations. LOVE her and her staff so much. I traveled from vegas to see her and it was worth everything.